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EBOOK What You Don’t Know Can Kill You (Book Two, Tess Kinkaid)

EBOOK What You Don’t Know Can Kill You (Book Two, Tess Kinkaid)

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In Jude Randazzo’s electrifying thriller, What You Don’t Know Can Kill You, Tess Kincaid and Eddie Spinozza find themselves plunged into a whirlwind of peril and mystery, drawn by a seemingly innocuous phone call. Anticipating a tranquil journey to Phoenix to aid a friend, they instead find themselves ensnared in a tempest of danger and intrigue, where each twist catapults them deeper into a relentless three-day ordeal.

Randazzo weaves a tantalizing tapestry of suspense, action, and unexpected humor, creating a relentless page-turner that binds you to the very end. The meticulous detailing and exploration of human nature and spur-of-the-moment choices create a rich, immersive experience. The characters, brimming with life, draw you into a vivid world where every interaction feels profoundly real.

Amazon 5-Star Reviews 

"I could hardly put this book down!" - Beachy

"Kept my interest and took me to places I have never been." - Mark Johnson

"This was a highly entertaining, fast-paced, can't-wait-to-find-out-what-happens-next book." - AmyDene

Unanticipated Escapades: Journey through unanticipated escapades full of suspense and action.

Vivid Imagery: Immerse yourself in a world brought to life by vivid, captivating imagery.

Eclectic Cast: Engage with a diverse and eclectic cast of characters, each adding a unique flavor to the story.

Intense Romance: Experience the intensifying romance between Tess and Eddie amidst the chaos.

Page-Turning Thrill: The lightning-paced action promises an unforgettable, page-turning experience.

Intriguing Continuation: A splendid continuation for fans of The Omen of the Crow, with the promise of more thrilling adventures to come.

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