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Tess is at it again, and so is this Author!

…The long awaited new Tess Kinkaid novel, Diamonds on the Nile finally dropped. I could not wait to settle in for summer reading! This book delivers action, romance and danger. Great anticipation by our heroes as we follow them through a trip to Egypt. You also get to learn more about Tess’s parents…

-CBeyer, Amazon 5-Star Review 

Also by Jude - The Dirty Martini Club

Tess is at it again, and so is this Author! A blend of golf, snowstorm, and the Mafioso make for an interesting trio! Our gal Tess, finds herself knee deep in mayhem again, and the author has spun a suspenseful tale that keeps the reader guessing till the very last page. The author has deftly pulled these unlikely worlds together with insightful and descriptive depth, which makes this a very enjoyable read.

This fast-moving, action-packed story includes, heroics, a love story, and a future with promise and foreboding.

Books by Jude

The Omen of the Crow

Tess Kinkaid Book 1

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The delicate sound of a camera shutter penetrates the silence with menace in a rugged, isolated, wooded area where a small plane has crashed. It’s not possible that in this place, at this time, someone could be hidden from sight, photographing the scene. Or is it?

What You Don’t Know Can Kill You

Tess Kinkaid Book 2

What You Don’t Know Can Kill You is like getting off a moving Ferris wheel. Once you get on it, you’re on for the full ride. The eclectic cast of characters, lightning-paced action, and romance will keep you flipping pages and guessing.

The Golden Cocoon

Tess Kinkaid Book 3

Tess Kincaid strolls through the vineyards surrounding a beautiful villa in Tuscany, trying to understand what has happened. She’s at a crossroads and is faced with the most daunting challenge of her life. She knows that if she doesn’t win this battle, her future will be very uncertain. Can this restful place and a new-found, mysterious discovery give her the courage to face a conflict that has plagued her since childhood?

The Dirty Martini Club

Tess Kinkaid Book 4

Tess Kinkaid, celebrity golf professional, decides to visit and meet, for the first time, her presumptive fiancé Eddie Spinozza’s family in Albany, New York for Thanksgiving, in anticipation of the next step in their relationship. The Spinozza and Cuchinelli families have been entrenched in Albany for two generations, but Eddie has assured Tess that he is not involved in his family’s “business”.

The Gray Fedora

A Novel

This is the epic story of a young man who leaves Ireland for America in 1860 to escape years of famine, only to be shanghaied to Palermo, Sicily. It’s the beginning of the Risorgimento, or revolution for Sicilian independence. Connor Doherty “chooses” to join the great general Giuseppe Garibaldi in the war.

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About the Author

Jude Randazzo

Jude Randazzo was born in Troy, New York but moved to Colorado with his family while in high school. He earned a degree in Economics from Colorado State University followed by law school at the University of Colorado at Boulder. A true entrepreneur, Randazzo has been involved in various business ventures for 35 years ranging from financial operations in the corporate world to the owner of a whitewater rafting company.

His true passion is writing. His current book, ``What You Don't Know Can Kill You``, an adventure- suspense novel, was released in April 2013 and continues the story of his main character Tess Kincaid. Other Tess Kincaid Novels by Jude Randazzo include ``The Omen of the Crow,`` a thriller that includes a plane crash, a stalker and much more. It was released in July 2012.

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