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EBOOK Diamonds on the Nile (Book Four, Tess Kinkaid)

EBOOK Diamonds on the Nile (Book Four, Tess Kinkaid)

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In the captivating Diamonds on the Nile, Tess Kincaid embarks on an enthralling Egyptian vacation alongside Eddie Spinozza and her parents, coinciding with the tumultuous times of 1979 when the recently deposed Shah of Iran resides in Cairo. This vacation transforms into a rollercoaster of suspense and adventure when worlds collide, intertwining blissful sightseeing with a perilous web of intrigue and multimillion-dollar diamond smuggling endeavors.

Jude Randazzo crafts a narrative rich with vivid visuals and intricate details, transporting readers to the mesmerizing landscapes of Egypt, from the majestic pyramids to the enigmatic Sphinx. The book paints a vibrant picture of historic landmarks, immersing readers in a thrilling journey full of unexpected twists, historical insights, and breath-taking locales, akin to a cinematic experience.


Amazon 5-Star Reviews

"A great starting point for new readers to Tess Kincaid’s adventures!" - Erak

"A thrilling journey through Cairo, filled with adventures, historical insights, and suspense." - Douglas McKinnon

"This story is a wild ride back in time to 1979 full of smuggling, espionage and general mayhem all set among the great sites of Egypt." - Mel

Cinematic Experience: Immerse in a narrative that unfolds like a movie, with vivid visuals and descriptive details.

Historical Insights: Dive deep into the rich history and iconic landmarks of Egypt, learning fascinating facts along the way.

Thrilling Journeys: Engage in Tess and Eddie’s thrilling journeys filled with suspense, adventure, and unexpected twists.

Vivid Imagery: Explore the mesmerizing landscapes of Egypt painted with vibrant pictures and intricate details.

Captivating Narrative: Get hooked with the detailed portrayal of tourist attractions and the interplay of blissful sightseeing and perilous intrigue.

Anticipated Continuation: A splendid continuation for fans of Jude Randazzo’s works, promising more thrilling and engaging creations to come.


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