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EBOOK The Omen of the Crow (Book One, Tess Kinkaid)

EBOOK The Omen of the Crow (Book One, Tess Kinkaid)

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In the remote shadows of an isolated, wooded wonder, a camera shutter distills the silence with menacing clicks, capturing the remnants of a small, tragic plane crash. It seems impossible—this secluded, timeless place harboring a hidden observer, stealing glimpses of the wreckage. But, is it? Introducing Tess Kincaid—a humble, reticent professional golfer whose newfound success has thrust her into the glaring national spotlight, and, more ominously, into the obsessive focus of a disturbed photographer.

Tess's journey is one where suspense intertwines with the dark. She finds herself grappling with harrowing accidents and sinister shadows, all within the scope of a lurking telephoto lens. But there's more—when a seemingly benign phone call draws Tess and Eddie Spinozza into the heart of Phoenix, they anticipate a tranquil escape. Instead, they spiral into a whirlwind of unforeseeable and unstoppable events, where chase ensues upon chase, and life teeters on the edge of death.

The Omen of the Crow is not merely a reading experience; it’s an escapade, blending romance and suspense with compelling characters in a seamless flow. It's an ideal companion for those cozy, rainy afternoons, where hot chocolate—or a glass of wine—is in hand, and the anticipation of drama turns every page. This tale is a harmonious balance of refreshing narrative and nail-biting suspense, making it a perfect gift for the avid readers in your life.


Amazon 5-Star Reviews

"The Omen of the Crow was a refreshing read. It was nice to read a book that involved romance, suspense and solid characters that flowed smoothly. An easy read, this is a great book for curling up on the couch on a rainy afternoon with a cup of hot chocolate or a glass of wine.......enough suspense and drama to be a page turner. Would be a great addition to the Christmas shopping list for a reader!" - Mark Johnson

As an author myself I'm always looking for a new author who can capture my attention and keep me on the edge of my seat. The Omen of the Crow succeeded completely. I thoroughly enjoyed the fast paced page turner. At no point did I feel it lagged in any way. I quickly ordered the other two books by this talented author." - Patricia Bremmer


Intertwining Genres: A harmonious blend of romance and suspense, creating a refreshing and gripping narrative that flows smoothly, offering a diverse reading experience.

Compelling Characters: Meet Tess Kincaid, a professional golfer, and Eddie Spinozza, who find themselves entangled in a whirlwind of unforeseeable and unstoppable events, with solid, relatable characters that enhance the reading experience.

Page-Turning Suspense: Engage in a fast-paced, nail-biting suspenseful journey where every page brings a new twist, keeping readers on the edge of their seats.

Captivating Setting: From isolated, wooded wonders to the bustling heart of Phoenix, the book transports readers to diverse, vividly depicted locales, adding depth to the narrative.


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