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EBOOK The Gray Fedora (A Novel)

EBOOK The Gray Fedora (A Novel)

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This is the epic story of a young man who leaves Ireland for America in 1860 to escape years of famine, only to be shanghaied to Palermo, Sicily. It’s the beginning of the Risorgimento, or revolution for Sicilian independence. Connor Doherty “chooses” to join the great general Giuseppe Garibaldi in the war.


Amazon 5-Star Reviews

"A great story of adventure, courage, passion; interwoven with fascinating historical facts!" - J Steve

"Adventure woven into historical context. Great read!" - Abe Fitzsimmons

"A 'must read' for anyone who loves Sicily, the Italian mainland or Ireland!" - Suzanne

Epic Journey: Dive deep into the exhilarating journey of Connor Doherty as he escapes the clutches of famine in Ireland, only to find himself in the midst of Sicily's revolutionary fervor.

Historical Context: Set against the backdrop of the Risorgimento—the revolution for Sicilian independence—the narrative masterfully intertwines history with fiction, offering readers a rich and immersive experience.

Great General Giuseppe Garibaldi: Join Connor as he "chooses" to side with the legendary general Giuseppe Garibaldi, adding depth and drama to his journey and the story at large.

Adventure & Courage: Embark on an adventure filled with courage, passion, and resilience, as the protagonist navigates unforeseen challenges and allies himself with revolutionary forces.


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