The Gray Fedora – Signed Paperback


“This is going to be a great series and rival to Outlander, and I love that Starz production. I love these characters.” – Cindy Beyer, Author

This is the epic story of a young man who leaves Ireland for America in 1860 to escape years of famine, only to be shanghaied to Palermo, Sicily. It’s the beginning of the Risorgimento, or revolution for Sicilian independence. Connor Doherty “chooses” to join the great general Giuseppe Garibaldi in the war. Less than a year later, he ends up in a small town in Sicily and becomes involved in the very genesis of the Mafia, falls in love, and builds a home.

This fast-moving, action-packed story includes, heroics, a love story, and a future with promise and foreboding.

“I love this book!” – Stephen Ragu, Owner of Rose’s Bella Cucina

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Paperback, 6×9
304 pages
ISBN: 978-1-7325147-0-6
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